You can heal.

Balancing your body, mind & spirit is possible. Healing is possible. Becoming the person you want to be is possible…

It all starts with you.

Love yourself well. Be intentional & present in your life. Make your well-being a priority.

Learn more about reiki sessions & mindfulness coaching below.

Reiki & Mindfulness Coaching

I bring a balanced & grounded approach to my practice. My goal is to meet my clients in a safe space for healing and help them to incorporate mindfulness techniques into their everyday life.

Life happens in the present- enjoy it more with reiki sessions, mindfulness & positive reinforcements.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a healing technique, stemming from Universal Life Force Energy— the energy that makes all life possible.

Reiki energy flows into you through energy centers, or chakras. There is no right or wrong way to receive reiki, there is no religion tied to it, nor are there any requirements for you other than an open mind and desire to receive it.

Reiki enhances your overall emotional, mental, physical & spiritual well-being, allowing you to reduce stress and increase enjoyment in your life. It is one of the best ways to raise your vibration, also known as your energetic field.

Everything in life is energy; when your chi, your vital source energy, is balanced and free-flowing, your body, mind & spirit will feel harmonious and in a positive state of health. When there are blockages, due to stress, traumas, injuries or other reasons, you can experience physical, emotional and mental dis-ease.

Reiki sessions will help you to connect with your own healing energy. It can ease tension in the mind & body, and help you facilitate healing on three levels: mental, physical & emotional.

People typically report feeling relaxed, calm & peaceful after a session. You may experience emotional release, warmth or tingling, guidance or insights from your intuition and more.

Self care is not selfish. Book your session today!

Mindfulness & Meditation Coaching

As a certified meditation & mindfulness coach, I can help you discover ways to learn & incorporate these skills into your everyday life. This will allow you to respond, rather than react, to life as it happens.

Too often we are caught up in our thoughts of past or future events; too many of us have limiting beliefs about ourselves that stop us from living our fullest life. Working with me, you will learn to observe your thoughts, identifying which ones serve you and which ones limit you. You will be able to work through the limiting belief- such as “I’m not loveable” or “I’ll never have the life I want”- and reprogram it so that you may realize and experience the fullness, wholeness and inherent worthiness that you already possess.

Changing your mindset changes your reality.

Hi! I’m Deanna.

Born & raised in NE Ohio, I moved away at 20 to explore. Several years later, I’m back home and on a mission to live my best life while helping others do the same. Over time, I’ve learned about energy, vibrational alignment and have begun incorporating techniques into my daily routine that allow me to be present, heal from past hurts and learn to better flow with life.  

I hope to help you find healing, balance and harmony in your life again, too.

Want to know more about vibrational alignment & creating your own reality? Click “Learn More” below.

“I LOVED my reiki session with Deanna. It was my first experience with reiki and she made it so comfortable! I highly recommend booking a session with her if you are looking for a form of self care that works for you.”


Book Your Appointment

I’ve joined the team at Zenning Wellness in Kent, OH where we can meet for reiki sessions, mindfulness coaching and more.

I currently offer the following in-person services:

30 Minute Reiki Session

60 Minute Reiki Session

90 Minute Reiki Session

90 Minute Reiki + Meditation Coaching Session

I also offer virtual, donation-based Reiki and Meditation Sessions.

When you click the link below to book your session, you will be directed to the Zenning Wellness Living booking page.

Select the service you would like to schedule, and upon selecting a date and time you will see available Zen Guides to choose from.

I am currently available on Tuesday and Thursday evenings between 4pm-8pm.

If it is your first time experiencing reiki, I recommend you consider booking a 60 minute session to enjoy a full session.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact me at    

Thank you!

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